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Our software  is currently bench marked to handle ~ 50,000 concurrent users online without decreasing client performance.  This can be improved with hardware infrastructure as well as some software architectural changes.  This number will also be different for a web based or mobile client.



Mobile App


We have intentionally avoided building native apps due to restrictions from Apple and Google.  The mobile app is an HTML5 single page application wrapped with PhoneGap to be deployed on iOS and Android.obile App is written in HTML V. We developed our version of Fast Fold Poker that works well on All Smart Phones & Tablets.





Downloadable Software is written in Flex. It has been through extensive Beta and Live testing to provide you with a Very Reliable Platform with a variety of Features.



Technical FAQ's


The product is a Networked Solution,  allowing for multiple skins/affiliates/brands to utilize the same database of players and  games.  


The skins can be managed in the web portion of the application.


Framework for multi-language and multi-currency integration.  Can work with translators to quickly localize our client for new markets.


Prepared infrastructure for payment processing integration.  Can be customized to work with most major payment providers and gateways.


The software has been certified for operation in the United States and other regulated jurisdictions.




Black Chip Gaming offers a relliable platform to fit any of your needs, small or large. Set-up a standalone Site or build a Network with unlimited skins.


The online poker engine consists of


i) Backend/Server

ii) Client  

iii) Web interface/administrative portal


The backend is written in Java; using MySQL database.


The Client is written in Flex

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As the Industry's Leading Developer of Poker Software for Sale, Black Chip Gaming uses only the most advance technologies available.

We regularly provide updates to our clients in order for them to provide the Ultimate Gaming experience to their players.


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